Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Emily Goes to Preschool !!!

We have been working fervently to get Emily all signed up for Preschool. First there was the initial evaluation, then hearing and vision testing, and then more evaluations. WE met with speech therapists, psycologists, and teachers. After all that they determined she was in need of preschool. Whew! They had me worried.
Man was today hard! We got up and got her ready to go. She had no interest in eating breakfast so we got her a bottle of milk. She didn't want that either. I did her hair and to my surprize she left it alone. Socks and shoes were next.....she kept them on to!

Her jacket was another story....off and back on at least 4 times!

Burt was late to work so he could be with her on her first day. Really it was for me. We got there early so we hung out in the office for a few minutes.

Time to GO! She was ready....but look how little she is.

As soon as we walk in the room her teacher, Mrs. April, shows her where to put her backpack and jacket. She hung up her back pack all by herself...

This is her spot....

Then off to play....We stayed for a few minutes. She was fine. I wasn't. I fought tears while standing there watching her. I was told I could stay as long as I wanted by Mrs. April, but 2 minutes later another little girl looked up at me and said "You can go.". Just like that I was kicked out by a 3 year old! If Em could talk it probably would've been what she would have said. So, we left. And I cried.....and Burt laughed.

Emily is 3 !!!!!!

Emily turned 3 this last week. CRAZY! She is still so small. She had a blast opening a few presents from her siblings. They got her new bubbles, a movie, and some fun wind up toys!

Burt and I got her a Kareoke machine for toddlers! I wasn't sure she would know what to do with it but I knew she would love the music it played!

As soon as it was out of the box she started to "sing" into the little microphone! It was so cute!

Here she is looking at her candle. I held her hands because last year she tried to grab it. This year she was just enjoying looking at it.

She loved her Cupcake too!