Monday, May 25, 2009

Snack Time!

So I walk into my kitchen today and this is what I find.... Emily and Daddy are sharing an Otter Pop. I don't know why they decided to eat it on the floor in the kitchen though......
Anyway, it was tooo cute not to post!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sad, sad day!

This is taken from Burt's blog because I just couldn't write it myself

"Sad sad day today. I heard the dogs barking last night around 2am, so I went to see if Sugar wanted to come inside. I opened the back door and Ginger came in, but I didn't see Sugar. I looked around the house to see if she was already inside, and maybe I was just hearing things. Couldn't find her. I woke my wife up and told her I couldn't find Sugar. She told me where the flashlight was. I got dressed and went looking again for her in the backyard with the flashlight; couldn't find her anywhere. Then I shined the flashlight out in the golf course. I saw something out laying in the grass. I hoped it was just a piece of cloth or a stuffed animal, but I think inside I knew what it was. I went around the block on to the golf course and sure enough it was Sugar's lifeless body. I think she squeezed through the wrought iron view fence. My guess is she saw a coyote out there and went to go play. She's never tried to go out before. I scooped her up and put her in a box. Vickie cried. We broke the news to the kids in the morning as they wondered why they weren't going to school. Mary and Julianna had a good cry. Then we had a family prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for the time we had with her. We asked who wanted to go out and help bury her. AJ, Katelynn, Abby, and Ginger came along. We drove out to the desert and dug a hole. Katelynn and Abby had their little beach shovels. Ginger sniffed around at the box. We buried her and Katelynn and Abby sprinkled leaves and flowers they had picked from home on her grave. AJ gathered up golf ball sized stones and wrote her name. All the kids are staying home, their choice. I never would have thought having a pet for only a week and a half and having to bury her would be that sad. Sad day. "

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh Sugar !

Burt ran a 10K in Kingman on Saturday. When he came home that afternoon he brought with him a fridge for the garage and this.......

We love her dearly(already), and she fits right in with our rambunctious family! We named her Sugar 'cause you just can't get much sweeter than she is!

Cinco de Mayo (late)

On Cinco de Mayo Mary had her last Track Meet. She did well. She ran the 200, 400, and then the 400 relay. She was very tired after all that running. I hadn't planned dinner and with it being Cinco de Mayo, we needed some Mexican food. So.....I made Nachos! They were delicioso!

Garden Update

I think it is coming along nicely. We have eaten a few Grape Tomatoes and they were good. Very hard to split 8 ways though! The strawberries are coming in but Ginger seems to get them before we do. AJ does really well remembering to water it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pat's Run 2009

This is a 4.2 mile run in honor of fallen soldier Pat Tillman. If you don’t know, Pat cut his career short as a member of the NFL football team, the Arizona Cardinals, to fight in the war against terror. He was killed in the line of duty by friendly fire. Pat wore #42 when he played football at ASU and #40 as a member of the Arizona Cardinals. The race was held at ASU, and 42 was a common theme for many aspects of the race. That’s why the race is 4.2 miles long. The kids’ race is 0.42 miles. Both races finish up on the 42 yard line of the ASU football field. They even have a special age category of 40-42. This is Burt at the end of the race. Looks like "Where's Waldo?". I'll give you a hint ..he is wearing #42! HaHa! He came in 672nd out of 13,360. That is the top 5%. Hooray for Burt!!!
We signed the 3 girls up to do the kids race. Here they are ready to go...

This is Abby and Katelynn at the end. Abby wanted to run it too, so I figured I would go with her. It's less than half a mile, right? So we line up and it's time to go. I stay with her for a little bit but there are so many kids and their parents. Mary, Jules and Katelynn had said they would stay together so I let them go. Then before I know it Abby takes off. I try to catch her but there are way too many people. I couldn't even see her. The whole time I am praying that she is ok and that no one will take her and that I can find her at the end. I had no idea there would be sooo- many people. When I got to the finish line I couldn't see any of my 4 girls that ran. I started to panic and then Katelynn grabbed my hand. WooHoo! I asked if she knew where the other girls were and she said she found Abby. She took me to where Abby was. Abby was along the fence dancing to the loud music. It was hilarious! She ran the whole thing and when I asked her why she left me she said"cuz you were too slow Mom!". We found Mary and Jules pretty easily and headed back to the Kids Zone.

Mary and Julianna with an ASU football player.

Mary and Julianna with Baxter.

Mary and Julianna with Sparky.

After the race we went to Ted's Hotdogs in Tempe. We loved this place when Burt was in school. Emily liked the hat that they gave her.

So did Burt.........

We had a really great time and it was to remember a really great person.
(AJ was at a campout)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MEXICO (pre-swineflu)

I took my 3 oldest to Mexico over Easter weekend to see their Tia and Tio. We had soo- much fun. We were only there 3 days but we did so much stuff. They can't wait to go back! We got in really late Thursday night and ate beans and quesodillas for a snack. The next day was Good Friday and in Mexico that means you have a Fish Fry. We all piled in my van to go buy some fish. So how many people can fit into my 12 passenger van? I think we got 20, but some could've been hiding under the seats. At the store we picked out some whole fish and bought stuff to eat with it. I am showing the girls how to pick out a good avocado.
This is Pablo. He fried all of our fish for us. We had 30+ people for our Fish Fry.
Mary and Jules eating their fish.

This is the first time I have had fish with the head still attached
After we ate, we went to Central Park. The girls made friends with a goose.
This is the kids on bumper cars.
And then on another ride. My kids on one side and some Mexicans on the other had a screaming match during this ride. Kids are so loud!
Here they tried on some masks at the market.

At Walmart (yep, Mexico has them to), all the kids went on this bungee ride. They had so much fun. Mary was the only one able to do a flip.

These are some tacos we ate later that night. I wanted to take everyone out for Carnitas but with it being Good Friday most of the meat serving restaurants were closed.

We went to the temple and it is so beautiful. I have been there 3 times now, hopefully next time we can do a session.
After the temple we went to the open market. This is where you get mobbed by people asking you to buy everything. Most of them are really pushy, but some are really funny. This one guy says as we walk past "Hey, do you need any more junk? I have all the junk you need!" It made me laugh. I have been there several times too and love to haggle with them to get the best price. I bought all of the girls Mexican dresses for Easter for less than $40 total and I got them to throw in matching belts! Remember I have 5 girls!

I love this Picture!
Jules on a horse!
Mary on a horse!

And AJ................

This is Twilight in Mexico.

These are Gorditas that they make at the mall. These are Heavenly.....

This is the line at the Border to get home. Some times it takes hours to get across. We got lucky and it was about 30 mins.

When we stopped for gas just across the Border I found this huge Pinata and had to take a picture of it!