Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Rally at the State Capital !!!

Due to our states' budget shortfall, DES has canceled DDD services for children birth to age 3 who are not eligible for long term care.This means that these children will no longer receive services such as developmental specialists, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy.WE NEED TO ACT NOW TO SUPPORT THIS CRITICAL PROGRAM. Please contact your legislators and Gov. Brewer to voice your opinion. Gov. Brewers # 602-542-4331. Also find your legislator on the link and let them know your concerns. Please help me fight for the rights of my daughter. These are the only services Emily receives. She is growing and learning so much thanks to her wonderful therapists. This will affect, not just my family, but thousands of others who also have a child with special needs. www.

There will be a Rally at the State Capital on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 10:30 am. I will be going. I would like anyone who is able to come too. I have never felt like this before. I need to do something . I can't just sit here an complain while being told my daughter isn't worth anything until age three. I know Emily is special and I want others to see it too! I can't imagine where we would be right now without her therapists. This is wrong. There are other places to save money. There are laws in place to protect our children in school but none to protect them before then. There has been a Bill in the works since 2004 to protect children under 5 but has yet to pass. We need to show all those making these decisions about what is and is not important that our KIDS are definitely IMPORTANT. Please come and show them OUR KIDS matter!!!


Tammy and Rick said...

Absolutely! Our Kids are our future and we need to help our future in any way we can!

Arizona mom to eight said...

I feel the same way, something has to be in writing to protect our children.

Stacy said...

Keep blogging about this! Its a huge step in the right direction, but we aren't out of the woods yet!